Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winter Wonderland

We drove some 400 km north last week to find some snow, as there had been virtually none near Madison.  We found plenty up there, and got some exercise.  It was not particularly good training for summer in Australia, as the temperature never got above -12 C, and the mornings started out around -20 C.

Last Week in Upper Michigan

After one of the most snowless winters in memory, southern Wisconsin finally got some snow. The day after we got back, I got up early to repay the neighbor who had shoveled our walk and driveway while we were gone. I'm not sure how much more training I'll be able to do on the bike, but skiing is a definitely possibility.

Less than two weeks to departure, and still lots of work to do!

Our Deck in Madison

Our Street

Warmest in a Week!